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    Good morning, assholes

    Stay safe out there @i am herdman
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    There has NEVER been a situation where there was an opening on SCOTUS that a sitting president hasn't submitted a candidate to fill it.

    Don’t know much about her but we drive the same mini van. So that’s pretty cool.
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    Good morning, assholes

    Had a coach pitch baseball game earlier. Going to mow some grass later. Might have a Blantons after dinner. Big day here.
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    Hunter Biden

    There's nothing honorable about Trump (I'm not voting this cycle), but I agree with this sentiment...
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    Breonna Taylor Shooting Justified

    I read a little about this. Seems like a really bad decision to execute a stupid war on drugs warrant in the middle of the night, but technically nothing seems illegal here. Once you're presumably legally in the house (?they knocked first I read?) and someone opens fire on you to shoot back...
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    Why no NBA tribute for RBG?
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    Breonna Taylor Shooting Justified

    I don’t know much about this case, been busy with work/family. Its all over my Twitter though ...
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    A Message from Tyler Childers

    This. Back when I was going to concerts pre-kids, I would say the Ryan Adams, Whiskeytown, Wilco, Drive by Truckers, Jason Isbell crowd was pretty much left leaning. Alt country does not equal bro radio country demographics.
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    I have had some time to think about this virus lockdown.

    Early lockdowns very reasonable. Precautionary principle - when you don't know what's going on you do the safest thing. At this point though I think the priority needs to be getting kids back to school. If rates of transmission are very low (see present NYC) it seems the kids should be back...
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    A Message from Tyler Childers

    Sam Harris and John McWhorter hashed some of these issues out earlier this week. I thought it was a good podcast.
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    Maxine Waters Heard From RBG

    Can you imagine the lengths his staff is going in keeping him off Twitter tonight? I always had a sense (?no clue why?) that RGB seemed to love the country. Her friendship with Scalia was a model as to how we should all act. They didn’t seem to dehumanize each other based on political or...
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    A Legend Has Died

    Man. I didn’t agree with her on much but she’s clearly an amazing woman.
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    Was COVID-19 made in a lab?

    I didn't watch the clip. I don't know about "made in a lab" (like an engineered weapon or something) but definitely within reason that it got out of a lab that was studying viruses or had lax protocols for protection.
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    Another police officer involved shooting

    Did you join them in Lancaster for the riots?
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    This makes me sad

    Smoking is definitely a risk factor for developing bladder cancer. It likely does reduce cure rates as well if one smokes during/after treatment, but less robust data on that. Hard to know what he means by the 85 % chance. Is that chance for a local recurrence eventually requiring complete...
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    Reclaiming the American University

    In general, I think bad speech needs to be combatted with better ideas not suppressing speech. I don’t find her too dangerous. We’ll have to agree to disagree.