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    California is a Failed State

    On top of that, given the power outages, fires, riots and pandemic the governor took time to tackle the important and pressing issue of allowing transsexual men to be housed in women’s prisons today. Priority One accomplished.
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    Durham does know

    I won’t watch the whole thing, but the trailer is simply repeating a narrative that is disproven daily. Did you read the story I posted? Have you read the recent news that several in the fbi and cia who were involved in Crossfire Hurricane went out in January 2017, right after Trump was sworn...
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    Durham does know

    like This is Spinal Tap was a documentary?
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    Durham does know

    So you know we were played by watching an HBO movie?
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    Durham does know And Shifty locked this report in the basement when he got in power. Corrupt to the core.
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    Are any of you persuaded by celebrities or athletes?

    Rifle isn’t an influencer, he’s a follower.
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    This is What Should Happen Every Time

    They were protesting because they let Taylor’s murderers off? So the mob is now the jury? And the executioner based on the cop shootings.
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    Joe B won next Tuesday's debate

    I still think Joe ends up not showing for some reason. I saw him taking non scripted questions a few days ago. It was more sad than funny. I kind of feel bad for the guy at this point.
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    and, here . . . we . . . go . . .

    That’s a great link. Thanks for verifying that vote fraud is not a myth and can determine the outcome of elections.
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    and, here . . . we . . . go . . .

    Well, maybe everyone is voting for Trump. If not, isn’t it odd that all 9 were for him? this is just the start.
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    Breonna Taylor Shooting Justified

    How does one take narcotics in moderation? For example, meth takes you from zero to f’ed up pretty quick. Weed is a recreational drug, much like alcohol. Many people use both in moderation, neither is addictive to a very large portion of the people who use them. Hard core drugs, meth, crack...
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    SJW Fails... (not a surprise)

    the social worker gets shot.
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    Why no NBA tribute for RBG?

    Saw a good tweet the other day. Someone said that RGB shouldn’t be replaced by a nomination from a President that was impeached. A guy replies why not, she was appointed by a guy who was impeached.
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    SJW Fails... (not a surprise)

    911 call - yeah, my neighbors are yelling and screaming at each other in their backyard. They fight a lot, but they are really going at it now. Violent or non-violent? Police or social worker?
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    good morning . . . sunday morning . . .

    Captain DeFlecto strikes again!! back to the point of the thread. It was like they had to pull her string again, like on those old dolls, to get her talking again.
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    Democrats are Ignorant: Part 27903-5

    His point only shows what we already know, the large coastal elite states only vote blue. Twenty one states have 2 republican senators and another 9 states have one. To get his numbers correct did he parse those states that have split representation based on most recent results/vote totals in...
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    Idiot Lebron James

    So marketing trumps actions in your mind. Good to know. If he was celebrating America the flag would be in front of his face, he was just creating a photo op, which obviously worked based on your post. The shoes? Pimping patriotism for profit is fairly routine.
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    200 Million American Died Today

    Everyone is wrong here. What he said was accurate. He believed 200,000’would he dead from Covid and 199,800,000 would be dead from boredom from listening to him.
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    Question about punch out and a strategy opinion please

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