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Aug 5, 2001
Here’s my question and it’s more suited for @-CarlHungus- ...but he said he’s trying to quit smoking at the request of doctors. He has bladder cancer. He has an 85% chance it returns. Will smoking exacerbate that kind of cancer? Lung cancer I get. Maybe that increases his chances. But does bladder cancer survival increase if you quit smoking? Seems like they might be taking one of his pleasures from him that might not really help him with the type of cancer he has. Kind of like asking a person dying from a terminal illness to cut down on his fat intake because it could give him heart trouble in 20 years. But admittedly I don’t know.

Anyway...the obligatory screw cancer.
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Aug 17, 2011
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I'm not a doctor, but can pretend to be one, since rifle pretends to be every occupation outside of a garbage man and janitor. Smoking, though mostly impacting throat, heart, and lungs, is always going to impact other potential diseases due to bringing down your immunity as well as impacting your overall health. In other words, I have no idea what I'm talking about, but I have to think smoking certainly wouldn't provide an assist in any way whatsoever.
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Feb 9, 2007
Smoking is definitely a risk factor for developing bladder cancer. It likely does reduce cure rates as well if one smokes during/after treatment, but less robust data on that.

Hard to know what he means by the 85 % chance. Is that chance for a local recurrence eventually requiring complete cystectomy or chemo radiation or is it a 15% chance of long term cure?

I’d need to know his stage. If stage 4 (little of any chance of long term cure) I typically don’t spend a ton of time on smoking cessation.

I don’t waste one second on smoking issues with a terminally very ill person that likes their cigs. You’re a jerk if you do that. Smoke away, my friend. I may for the sake of family members that smoke mention it in private to them to not smoke or something like that.
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